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Vodevil Roto, musical


A two handed musical theatre show tells the story of a couple in vodevil styled musical numbers.


 Julia (a singer) and Marcos (a writer) meet unexpectedly and fall in love when the latter is about to leave the country to pursue his career abroad.

In a sudden turn of events, Marcos decides to stay with Julia over his prior intention, believing that they would thrive both personally and professionally. But false expectations, hidden desires and self-destruction eventually leads them to realise that he should have probably never stayed.

Director and writer: Vicente Carlos Luque

Assistant director: Manolo Albarracin

Cast: Juana Escribano and Vicente Carlos Luque.

Choreography: David Suarez Bossolasco and Manolo Albarracin.

Costume designer: Marcela Brignole

Music: Hugo Martín.

*Restaged in 2017 by Nuevo teatro musical.


16 January 2014 | Festival de Teatro de Málaga, Teatro Echegaray, Málaga, Spain.

1 February 2017 | Festival de Teatro de Málaga, Teatro Echegaray, Malaga, Spain. (*Restaged)

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