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Vicente has worked as a facilitator and performing arts instructor in Spain, China and the UK.

Stands out his experience working in China with UKCI, the award-winning Theatre Director Ian Kellgren's company, where he led Drama, musical theatre and English through Drama workshops for young people. He has also worked facilitating both the creative process and the staging of large scale and local musical theatre productions.

More recently, he has also organised performance labs in London for artists and non-artists to freely investigate their fascination about the world and the human condition (see more). In his sessions, he puts in practice devising techniques and encourages a collaborative process, facets that he has enhanced these years by mentors such as: Anne Bogart (SITI company, Viewpoints), Karen Christopher (Goat Island), Ben kidd (Dead Center) amongst a wide range of other practitioners.

Care and intentionality are two key words in his ongoing research towards a defined artistic methodology.

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