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What is the lifespan of a balloon? What does a cactus do when it knows its life is coming to an 

end? Deadline explores what it means to exist, how we exist, and the possibilities that are yet to be available to us as humans. We play the role of engineers who undertake journeys through different worlds to try and learn about how - and if - it is possible to be something other than human. The engineers attempt to reconfigure their relationships to what they know by embodying the lived experience of the things we encounter through tasks, play and explorations. This in turn will glean insight into perspectives of our world that are different from the prescribed societal norms. Our society places importance on capital and productivity at the expense of community and wellbeing now more than ever. We feel that now is the right time to question these standardised procedures. Deadline is a way of reflecting a different human image back at our audiences, an image that offers a different understanding of ourselves and a potential escape route from our loaded lives.

Created in collaboration by: Charles Bailey, Nicole Goodchild, Tianyi Hong and Vicente Carlos Luque

19 June 2019 | Crave Festival | Camden People's Theatre, London.

21 September 2019 | N/A Festival | Theatre Deli, London.

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